Wireless Charging Platform and Wireless Portable Charger 2.0 from Tesla

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By Miro Stoichev

With the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform, multiple devices can be charged at up to 15W at once. What are the benefits of the new FreePower charger, and which aspects of the product pleased brand enthusiasts?

Tesla Wireless Charging’s platform characteristics

Tesla Wireless Charging's characteristics

Apple failed in its ambitious plans to develop a universal charger for iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch, which were revealed in 2017. Tesla was the first to realize the concept of a multi-device charging pad.

It is a flat pad charger. There are thirty induction coils inside the body. An induction field is produced over the whole region and surrounding the charger’s base thanks to the ingenious coil arrangement.

This is very convenient as it allows the phone and headphones to be placed anywhere on the charger at any angle without needing to be aligned. The panel’s slope can be altered, allowing the base and stand to be positioned at any inclination.


Only Qi-compatible phones and headphones can be charged using the Tesla wireless charging platform.

The Apple Watch has specific standards for charging, so the charger’s incompatibility is its only drawback. However, the kit comes with a USB-C cable and a 65W adapter from the manufacturer.

Made of sturdy composite plastic alcantara and aluminum, this elegant, contemporary case resembles an electric car Cybertruck and is distinguished by its thoughtful, minimalistic design and practicality.

Important distinctions between Apple AirPower and Wireless Charging Platform by Tesla

Tesla Beat Apple to AirPower

Apple intended to surprise consumers with a three-induction coil-powered functional charger for three different kinds of devices. However, since the Apple Watch standard deviates from Qi, it became evident during the development process that a separate socket was required for watches.  Consequently, the novel idea of developing a single, global platform for recharging was not realized.

What separates AirPower’s new charging station from Tesla’s:

The charging pad has a modernized design, can only charge a smartphone and headphones, and an induction field that surrounds the pad.


The new Wireless Charging Platform’s compatibility with devices of various models (smartphones, wireless headphones) is a major plus.

Is the wireless charging pad on sale?

The novelty is now available for pre-order on the business’s website. Sales began in February 2023. The price of Tesla’s wireless charging platform is currently around $300.

Tesla’s wireless charging platform is impressive for its cutting edge design, advanced technology and ease of use. The new charging station is a premium multi-functional gadget that works with different models of smartphones and wireless headphones.

Tesla Portable Phone Charger, Wireless Portable Charger 2.0

Tesla Wireless Portable Charger 2.0 Worth It?!

A portable gadget for wirelessly charging smartphones is the Tesla Wireless Portable Charger 2.0. When Tesla released the charger in 2020, fans of the brand and those who enjoy cutting edge technology took an immediate interest in it. We will describe the features of the Tesla portable charger in this article, along with information on where to purchase it.

The Tesla Wireless Charger for Phone’s primary characteristics

The Tesla Wireless Portable Charger 2.0 has the following benefits and is made to wirelessly charge devices that support Qi technology:

1. The charger is portable and small enough to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

2. The red and black hues that define Tesla devices’ design are incorporated into the Portable Charger 2.0.

3. The charger is easy to carry and comes with a faux leather case to protect it from harm.

Qi technology transfers power from the device to the device being charged by means of electromagnetic induction. It only takes 30 minutes for the device to fully recharge its battery when it is left on the charging pad.

The device’s technical characteristics

The Tesla Wireless Portable Charger 2.0’s primary benefits are its wire-free design and rapid charging speed. You can charge two or more devices at once thanks to the 10,000 mAh capacity. The indicator lets you keep an eye on the battery’s charge level, and the magnetic base holds the device erect. Up to 12W of power and 7.5W of wireless charging are available with USB-C cables. Among the drawbacks, users point out that there is no way to wirelessly recharge the device itself.

Does Tesla Wireless Portable Charger come in stores?

The Tesla Wireless Portable Charger is priced around $70 on the official Tesla website. The USB-A and USB-C ports on the Tesla Wireless Portable Charger allow you to connect cables and it also has Qi wireless technology. This is a chic and practical way to charge smartphones wirelessly, and it will undoubtedly appeal to Tesla brand enthusiasts and those who enjoy cutting edge technology.

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