Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Overview and Wireless Charging Options

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By Miro Stoichev

As has become customary for Apple products, the iPhone 14 Pro’s packaging is incredibly chic and simple. The fact that the box is not covered in a film pleases me because it demonstrates Apple’s concern for sustainability and their desire to avoid producing needless waste. The box feels good to the touch.

Does the iPhone 14 Pro allow wireless charging

Does the iPhone 14 Pro allow wireless charging?

Among the many features offered by Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro lineup, is wireless and reverse wireless charging one of them? Similar to numerous other characteristics found in modern smartphones, wireless and reverse wireless charging are primarily restricted to high-end models. Since adding this feature is costly, manufacturers primarily save it for their flagship phones and other high-end models; cheaper phones only have basic wired charging.

In 2023, the majority of manufacturers, including Apple, include wireless charging in their flagship models. The iPhone 14 Pro series includes wireless charging capabilities for all of its devices, though the lineup noticeably lacks reverse wireless charging. It follows that although all iPhone 14 Pro series devices support wireless charging, they are not compatible with other devices such as the Apple Watch, AirPods and iPad. There is a tiny exception to this rule, though.

MagSafe wireless charging for iPhone 14 Pro

When Apple released the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone XR with wireless charging in 2017, it marked the introduction of the technology. Since then, wireless charging has been included with every iPhone. Like all smartphone makers, Apple offers its MagSafe technology, which uses a circular magnet on the back of the iPhone to snap on the charger and other compatible devices, for the fastest and most effective wireless charging. However, Apple does support the Qi wireless standard in its iPhones. MagSafe add-ons are fastened firmly.

There is one exception to the general rule that MagSafe accessories cannot take power from the iPhone: the official Apple MagSafe battery. The MagSafe battery pack on all current iPhone models, including the iPhone 12, can be reverse wirelessly charged when connected to an outlet using a Lightning cable. In this scheme, the connected MagSafe battery is charged wirelessly from the iPhone, while the iPhone battery is charged through a wired connection. Although Apple has not yet formally added complete support for reverse wireless charging to its iPhone lineup, the devices do, in theory, support the function, if only very slightly.

MagSafe wireless charging for iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has given some examples of when reverse wireless charging could be useful, even though charging a single device might not seem like a big enough use case for the technology. The company suggests using this setup for situations where users need to connect their iPhone to another device in order to charge it, like when using wired CarPlay or moving images to a Mac. A 2020 FCC filing states that the iPhone 12 can wirelessly charge the MagSafe battery pack with up to 5 watts, and there’s no word on whether this speed has improved with the iPhone 14.


I typically have enough charge for a full day during a very demanding workday where I’m actively using a lot of apps, taking pictures and videos, listening to music, and chatting on my phone. I don’t feel like I need to carry around a portable charger or search for an outlet all the time to charge my phone.

It all depends, of course, on how hard you use it and how your phone is configured. In addition to adjusting the screen’s brightness automatically and to light mode, I optimized the power consumption of the apps. I therefore receive a good amount of battery life, even on the busiest day.

Wireless charging is an additional factor that helps me preserve battery life. Just putting my phone on the charging cradle allows me to quickly and effortlessly charge it. I can stop worrying about cables and connectivity thanks to this convenient solution.

One noteworthy observation is that there is a discernible heating of the battery when shooting at maximum quality (4kb 60fps).

100% of the battery remains after two months of heavy use and frequent charging.

iPhone 14 Pro


The smartphone’s exterior follows the standard design of Apple devices. Smooth edges and a body with a pleasing texture.  I adore the shade of purple that was used to paint it. It is definitely striking (far more so than other models of Apple smartphones that I own or have owned).


This smartphone actually has three primary cameras in addition to a selfie camera.

  • A primary 48 MP camera.
  • An ultra wide-angle camera with 12 MP.
  • A 12 MP camera with a telephoto lens.

The colors are rendered quite realistically, and the images captured with this phone appear incredibly bright and sharp. But the feature that most impressed me about the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera was its cinematic mode.

I can record videos in this mode that have the look and feel of high-end movies. By using this mode, you can add a blurred background effect to the frame, giving it more depth. This is especially helpful for background or portrait photography. In this mode, you can also control the blur in real time, which lets you add more effects.

I was present at my sister’s recent outdoor wedding ceremony, which took place in a stunning park. I made the decision to bring my iPhone 14 Pro so I could record and take pictures of the momentous occasion.

Upon arriving at the ceremony location, I observed that a team of photographers and videographers had already begun their work to document this momentous occasion. However, as soon as I began to use the cinematic mode on my iPhone 14 Pro camera, I realized that the footage I was going to take would be on par with that of the pros.

My footage gained more depth and a cinematic atmosphere thanks to the bokeh (background blur) effect that I was able to achieve with the cinematic mode. I recorded a wedding ceremony in this mode, and I also used it to create a short film that featured the highlights of the occasion.

My sister and her husband were astounded by the final product’s quality and beauty when I showed them my movie. I was pleased that I could professionally record this significant occasion in their lives and leave them with lifelong memories.

I think the cinematic mode on the iPhone 14 Pro is fantastic because it makes it possible for non-pro videographers to produce professional-looking, high-quality videos. In the future, I plan to utilize this mode to document significant occasions in my friends’ and family’s lives.

Although I hardly ever use it, the smartphone’s front camera is excellent as well.

Benefits and drawbacks


  • Excellent quality photos and videos. With its 4K resolution and 60 frames per second video recording capability, this phone’s camera captures incredibly detailed and vibrant images.
  • Style. The phone appears incredibly chic and contemporary, particularly in purple.
  • Ecosystem functioning. With this phone’s flawless integration, I can effortlessly move files between my Apple devices, carry on working on other devices, or use Siri to control them all. Taking calls from other devices enhances the practicality and ease of use of this phone within the Apple ecosystem. AirDrop and Handoff function flawlessly.


  • Cost. One major negative of this device is its cost. Though not the cheapest smartphone available, not everyone can afford to buy one. But I understand that I’m getting a high-end product with cutting-edge features and superior quality for this amount.
  • The camera’s battery heating up when in use.


Therefore, all things considered, the iPhone 14 Pro is an excellent smartphone with amazing photo and video capabilities, a stunning design, and faultless operation within the Apple ecosystem. The iPhone 14 Pro is the ideal choice if you love taking pictures and videos, work in the Apple ecosystem, and are prepared to shell out more cash for a high-end smartphone. This phone may also be a wise option for people who value functionality and elegant design. But if money is a very important consideration for you, then a less expensive choice might be better.

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