The Top 6 Alarm Clocks With Wireless Charging

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By Miro Stoichev

Alarm clocks by the bed can be used to both display the time and wirelessly charge your smartphone. In addition, they free up space and do away with the inconvenience of wires that come with having a separate wireless charging pad, alarm clock, and light. These inexpensive gadgets give your nightstand a more attractive appearance.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best alarm clock and wireless charging pad combo that will fit on your bedside table while saving the most space. These are the top wirelessly charged bedside alarm clocks.

1. Wooden Alarm Clock Anjunk

Wooden Alarm Clock Anjunk

The Anjank Wooden Alarm Clock offers a variety of features at an affordable price, combining the best of both worlds. It has physical buttons, a repeat button, a synthetic wood body, and 10W wireless charging. FM radio music is another option for waking up.

Before humming once more, the repeat gives you a nine-minute break. The LED is clear and bright. You have no trouble reading the time, and you can even customize the clock’s brightness to your liking. It is possible to turn off the clock’s display when not in use.

In addition, the non-slip top of the wireless charging stand keeps your phone from slipping. It is simple to use because it has physical buttons on top. Headphones and smartwatches can be charged via the USB port.

It is one of the most well-liked wirelessly charging bedside alarm clocks, with more than 5,000 Amazon user reviews. Customers adore using this watch to conveniently charge their phones.

2. Digital Alarm Clock by Colsur

Digital Alarm Clock by Colsur

Not to be overlooked is the Colsur digital alarm clock. It has wireless charging, an alarm clock, and a light, just like the one above. However, its fabric exterior and three distinct color temperatures of the night light are what set it apart.

Repetition, a 12-or 24-hour format, brightness settings, and night light color temperature are just a few of its tricks. Both the light and the clock are directly under your control. The smooth brightness adjustment that allows you to adjust from 5% to full brightness is the best feature.

To power this USB-C device, a USB-C to USB-A cable is required. It’s interesting that a 1200 mAh battery is included. Thus, even in the event of an unintentional power outage, the alarm clock will continue to sound at the appropriate hour.

3. Peakeep Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Peakeep Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

One of the main drawbacks of the previously mentioned alarm clocks is removed by the Peakeep alarm clock. With the 15W wireless charging pad that comes with this one, your smartphone—especially your iPhone—will charge swiftly. Second, you won’t have to worry about your phone falling off the clock in the middle of the night thanks to its distinctive design.

It shares the same side USB port as its rival above and supports 5V–1A charging; however, it is not appropriate for fast charging phones.

Its flat design adds a little something extra to the look and keeps your smartphone safe. But there’s a cost associated with it, and that is space. It has a bigger footprint than the ones it is replacing. Conversely, the buttons are readily accessible and situated at the top.

It lacks sophisticated features like volume control and three alarms, but the 15W wireless charging pad makes up for it. Furthermore, adjusting the brightness is simple. Nevertheless, some users have expressed dissatisfaction over the replay feature’s lack of functionality. So you should think about this one if you frequently press the snooze button (who doesn’t?).

4. Alarm Clock Mosito

Alarm Clock Mosito

There is a volume level adjustment on the Mosito alarm clock. Therefore, you can turn down the volume of the alarm clock if you don’t want to wake up to it screaming. Nonetheless, its compact body and wooden finish give it a similar design.

It offers a wide range of choices. The display initially displays the icon for an alarm clock, and brightness can be readily changed. Even though the watch has a temperature display, you should be skeptical about how accurate it is.

It’s effective to charge wirelessly. Once more, don’t expect MagSafe-like wireless charging speeds—this charger is slow.

5. The Table Lamp Amouhom

The Table Lamp Amouhom

Compared to its competitors, the Amouhom Desk Lamp is slightly more expensive. However, you can’t go wrong with this alarm clock if you want it to be unique from the others by your bed. It does the triple duty of displaying the time of day, charging your phone, and lighting your side of the bed.

Wireless charging functions as intended. You should be safe as long as your phone is in line with the charging coils. Additionally, the wireless charging speed is respectable at 10 watts.

The alarm clock’s feature set is respectable aside from that. Touching the LED strip causes it to light up because it is touch sensitive. The light is not overly bright, which is its best feature. Though not bright enough to light the entire room, it’s still bright enough to read a book. It’s crucial to have the low light, particularly at night when using the restroom and you don’t want bright light to blind you.

The alarm clock functions properly. You can delay the alarm by using the repeat button and adjusting the brightness. It’s interesting to note that the alarm sounds before the light turns on gradually. It has received a fair number of favorable reviews on Amazon thus far, and its popularity is gradually increasing.

6. Jall Digital Alarm Clock Made of Wood

Jall Digital Alarm Clock Made of Wood

Take a look at the Jall Wooden digital alarm clock if you’re on a budget. Nearly all Qi-compatible smartphones are supported by its Qi wireless charger, which is located on top. You can set three different alarms with this multifunctional alarm clock. You can additionally set an alarm for only the weekdays.

Several customers have mentioned in their Amazon reviews how brilliant the alarm clock’s LEDs are. In addition, the clock is tiny and lightweight, so it won’t take up much room on your desk or nightstand.

You can customize this clock in a few ways, as was previously mentioned. The LEDs’ brightness can be changed first. Second, if the lights are bothering you, you can also turn them off. Regretfully, there’s no way to adjust the alarm clock’s volume.

The Jall digital alarm clock is a reasonably priced gadget with some restrictions. For instance, the wireless charger is not as strong as it could be, and your iPhone or Samsung smartphone won’t charge as quickly as it would on a standard wireless charging pad. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if you intend to leave it on all night.

Nevertheless, a few of its user base’s reviews are positive. Customers enjoy that the LED backlight can be turned off and that the brightness can be changed. Its display is simple to read. The watch is not wireless; it requires a USB cable to function.

Remember what time it was?

The days of an alarm clock just doing its job for its intended purpose are long gone. Alarm clocks can now be used as wireless charging stations or nightlights. Additionally, you can include a speaker in the mix if you’re game. But remember to precisely align your phone before turning in for the night. Or your phone might be dead when you wake up. Wireless charging might not function correctly if your phone or other devices are protected by an armored case.

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