Review of Beats Fit Pro Wireless Charging Headphones

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By Miro Stoichev

Those looking for a more compact version of the Beats Powerbeats Pro for regular exercise, along with essential AirPods Pro features like spatial sound and active noise cancellation (ANC), should consider the most recent Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones.

Review of Beats Fit Pro Wireless Charging Headphones

As Apple has owned the Beats brand for a number of years, you can be sure that the newest technologies will be supported. True, a lot of the features that convince owners of iPhones to go with AirPods Pro are absent from Beats Studio Buds wireless headphones. However, they function more smoothly with Android-powered smartphones.

But set aside your complaints about the shortcomings; the new Fit Pro has addressed every issue with the earlier models. The new model will be the best option if you need cozy headphones with great smartphone integration and active noise cancellation. And here you can see a review of other models wireless earbuds with charging case.

Features of Beats Fit Pro Wireless in-ear headphones

  • Speakers: Beats’ two-element dynamic
  • Chip: H1 Apple
  • Linking up: Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Codecs for audio: AAC, SBC
  • Water and dust resistance: IPX4.
  • Transparency mode and adaptive ANC are two noise reduction modes.
  • Quick charging: an hour of playback is provided by five minutes of charging.
  • Battery life: up to 27 hours when using a charging case, up to 6 hours when using an ANC (7 hours without).
  • Colors: magenta, white, gray, and black.
  • Beamforming, voice channel, and noise reduction microphones for calls
  • Earpiece dimensions: 3 x 2.4 x 1.9 cm.
  • Earpiece weighs 5.6 grams, charging case weighs 54.5 grams.
  • Features offered by Apple include hands-free Siri calling, iCloud sharing, auto switching, audio sharing, spatial audio with dynamic head position tracking, and “Find My”

Construction and Design

The design of the Beats Fit Pro headphones is a little unexpected. The silicone tips that resemble “wings” on the body firmly hold the headphones in place inside the ears.

Even when they are engaged in an intense workout, this keeps them motionless. Fit Pro is heavier than Studio Bud, weighing 5.6 grams. However, the new model has far superior ergonomics.

Three pairs of varying-sized silicone attachments are included. Additionally, you can perform an Ear Tip Fit test to determine the ideal fit via the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone (or the Beats app on an Android device).


You won’t have to worry about the Beats Fit Pro slipping out of your ears thanks to the wings and the ear tips.

With the AirPods, all you had to do to get them to fall out was to touch the earbuds with your fingers. Nothing is more annoying than having to chase after an earbud that rolls down the sidewalk. With the Fit Pro, that won’t occur. The AirPods’ gradual fall out of my ear during a strenuous workout was another inconvenience. Fit Pros are ideal for sports because they hold tightly. Additionally, they are sweat and water resistant (IPX4).

Although the unsatisfactory charging case has a stylish appearance, it is substantially larger than the AirPods Pro and AirPods 3. It will be uncomfortable to carry the case around if the pockets on your workout attire are small. However, there are many different hues, including purple, gray, white, and black.

Mice quality and sound quality

The Beats Fit Pro headphones have 15% larger 9.5mm dynamic drivers than the Studio Buds.

The sound quality is amazing; it feels frequently even better than the AirPods Pro because of how securely they fit in your ears. The Fit Pro’s bass has always been its strongest feature, even though it doesn’t always sound the most natural.

Mice quality and sound quality

This is still the same, so if you prefer loud, energetic sound, get the Fit Pro; otherwise, AirPods are a better option for more precise reproduction.

Each earbud on the Fit Pro has three microphones, which can be used independently in headset mode to facilitate phone calls. Five of the six microphones will filter out background noise from your voice if you have both earbuds in. All three microphones are in use when only one headphone is in use. In order for the person you are speaking to hear your voice clearly and loudly.

Audio in space

Beats Fit Pro supports Apple’s Spatial Audio technology, just as AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, and AirPods Max do.

Unlike Studio Buds, the earbuds have an accelerometer and gyroscope to dynamically track head movements. The Dolby Atmos-capable music provides a more immersive experience thanks to technology. When you turn your head, the virtual sound source appears to remain in the same location in space.

Although it’s not the most significant feature, it’s good to know that Beats headphones also use Apple’s most cutting-edge technology.

Control and Cancellation of Noise

Beats Fit Pro ear tips naturally block out outside noise, and they do so with a secure locking mechanism.

Additionally, active noise cancellation (ANC) technology is present. That is quite impressive that it functions just as well as on the AirPods Pro. Additionally, a long press on any of the headphones’ sensor areas will activate the Transparency mode. You can change the press’s assigned function in the Bluetooth settings or within the mobile application.

Control and Cancellation of Noise

The “Adaptive Equalizer” kicks in when you turn off ANC and Transparency mode, adjusting the sound to fit the shape of your ear canal. This feature eliminates the need for the standard Beats Fit Pro equalizer because everything is automatically adjusted here.

Reassigning other presses is not possible. Pressing a single button initiates or stops music playback or phone calls. Double click to go to the following track; triple click to go back to the previous track. Additionally, you can use the voice assistant to pause and replay a track.

Apple attributes

The primary distinction between the Beats Fit Pro and Studio Buds, aside from design, is the reviewed model’s Apple H1 chipset.

It’s necessary for the functionality of multiple new Apple technologies. It’s as simple to connect the headphones to the iPhone as it is with AirPods. When you take off the headphones, a removal detector pauses the music automatically. In addition, you can quickly switch the headphones to match the Apple device that you are using.

Remarkably, the Fit Pro functions admirably with Android devices, something that is uncommon for Apple products. Fast Pair compatibility allows for easy connection to Android smartphones using the headphones.

You can adjust gestures, monitor battery life, and test the Ear Tip Fit with the Beats app. Additionally, Dolby Atmos technology is supported; however, dynamic head tracking is limited to Apple devices.

Beats the Fit Pro’s storage life

Beats claims that the Beats Fit Pro will last 7 hours on a single charge without ANC and transparency mode, and 6 hours when using noise cancellation.

23/21 hours of listening time are provided by additional charges from the case, for a total of 27–30 hours of use. This is longer than the Studio Buds’ (5 and 15 hours) and a better result than Apple’s AirPods Pro (5 and 24 hours, respectively).

It seems that purchasing Beats headphones from the past is completely unnecessary in light of the introduction of the Fit Pro. The Fit Pro case charges using the USB-C connector, in contrast to the AirPods. Even without wireless charging, induction charging is frequently sluggish, so it’s not really a big deal.

Valuable Purchase

With features like active noise cancellation, spatial audio support, and Siri hands-free on iOS, the new Beats Fit Pro offer a respectable feature set. Although there is still space for improvement, the Fit Pro is, all things considered, a comfortable headphone for daily use and exercise that can serve as a substitute for Apple’s flagship wireless headphones.

In summary

It seemed unnecessary to release a new model because Apple already offers a fantastic assortment of in-canal wireless headphones. But Beats has managed to produce a fantastic headphone that performs better than the most recent AirPods in many aspects. When the Active Noise Cancellation technology effectively blocks out outside noise, the Beats Fit Pro stay firmly in place and last for a considerable amount of time on a single charge. If you can live without the ANC function, the slightly less expensive Apple AirPods 3 are a better choice. They’re not as suitable for sports, though, as the Fit Pro. Even though the Beats still place a traditional emphasis on the lower frequencies, the sound quality is still better. The bigger charging case is difficult to fit in the tiny pockets of athletic pants, which is the only drawback.

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