Does iPad Have Wireless Charging?

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By Miro Stoichev

In recent times, wireless charging has gained popularity and is supported by a large number of smartphones, including the iPhone 8 and all subsequent iPhone models. These days, other Apple products are joining in, like the Apple Watch and AirPods. What about the iPad, though? Does the iPad support wireless charging?

To date, Apple has not incorporated wireless charging into any of the iPad models that it has released. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, there are rumors that the upcoming Apple M2 iPad Pro will support wireless charging. With a third-party Qi adapter, you can still charge your iPad wirelessly.

Does the iPad support wireless charging

Wireless charging is a feature that Apple is gradually adding to its product lineup. It’s only a matter of time until wireless charging makes an appearance on the iPad, given the current trend. You can use third-party wireless adapters to charge your iPad wirelessly in the interim. Let’s examine how wireless charging accessories operate and how to charge your iPad wirelessly using them.

Does the iPad support wireless charging?

No, wireless charging is not supported by any of the iPad models. The iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini, and iPad Air are among the tablets available from Apple. These gadgets are all equipped with Lightning ports, which are utilized for accessory connections and charging.

Wireless charging has not kept up with Apple’s continuous improvements in overall battery life over the generations.

There are a few reasons why wireless charging isn’t available. Since iPads are obviously bigger than iPhones, a larger and heavier induction charging coil would be needed for them. Since portability is one of the iPad’s main selling points, this could make it less portable.

Additionally, the iPad’s aluminum body interferes with wireless charging. To enable this feature, Apple would probably need to move to a different material, like glass, which would raise the price of the device.

The business is renowned for exercising caution when implementing new technologies. While other manufacturers of tablets have been utilizing wireless charging for years, Apple has not adopted this technology. It’s possible that Apple is still working on it and is holding off on switching until the technology matures.

Currently, you will need to purchase third-party accessories that enable wireless charging if you want to use your iPad for that purpose. Typically, these chargers are integrated into iPad cases or come in the form of stickers that adhere to the tablet’s back.

To use these adapters, just place the iPad—like any other wirelessly enabled device—on an inductive base. For wireless charging, the adapters’ coils collect power from the base and send it to the iPad through a Lightning connector.

The adapters are a good short-term solution until Apple decides to add wireless charging to the iPad lineup, even though it’s not an ideal setup.

The most widely used wireless charging standard at the moment is Qi, which is also compatible with Magic Keyboard charging

Since Qi is used by almost all wireless charging accessories, you can use one charger to charge multiple devices at once.

It’s as easy as purchasing any iPad case that is Qi compatible and pairing it with any Qi wireless charger. But, in order to power the larger battery and fit the iPad, you’ll need a charger that is big enough.

Wireless iPad Power Charger with the Qi Charging Pad

Should you be without Qi chargers but still desire a gadget that isn’t connected to a wall socket, you can obtain power from additional add-ons like the Magic Keyboard.

The Apple Magic Keyboard doubles as a battery thanks to its USB-C connector, which was created especially to power an iPad that is connected to it. Eliminate the mess of numerous charging cables scattered all over your desk by connecting the USB cable from the keyboard to the USB-C ports on the iPad.

How can you charge your iPad without a wall charger?

How can you charge your iPad without a wall charger

Although our well-worn, dependable wall chargers are quick and strong, what should we do if we need to charge our iPad while we’re on the go? The following methods can be used to charge an iPad without a wall charger:

Make use of a portable battery

When traveling, portable batteries or power packs work well for quickly charging your iPad. Depending on the size of the battery pack, these convenient little devices come in a range of shapes and sizes and can charge your iPad completely or even several times. Starting with the Anker 313 External Battery (available on Amazon) is a great choice.

Employ a car charger

If you need to charge your iPad while traveling, a USB car charger (available on Amazon) is a great choice. You can charge your iPad, iPhone, and other devices with these chargers, which plug into the cigarette lighter of your car and typically have one or more USB ports.

Utilize other gadgets for power

If you own a laptop, you can use a USB cable to connect your iPad to your laptop in order to charge it. The majority of laptop batteries have sufficient power to charge an iPad, though the process will take longer than when using a wall outlet.

As was already mentioned, you can charge your iPad with other gadgets like the Apple Magic Keyboard or portable speakers.

Utilize the charging stations at the train or airport

If you’re on the road, the train or airport will have charging stations. Typically, these kiosks offer multiple charging choices, such as USB ports where you can charge your iPad.

Employ a solar charger

A fantastic environmentally friendly choice for on-the-go iPad charging is a solar charger. They are ideal for long days at the beach or hiking in the mountains because they generate electricity using solar energy. Additionally, you can find energy-storing solar power packs like this one from Suscell (available on Amazon) that let you charge your iPad even in the absence of sunlight.

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