Review of Lenovo Wireless Headphones TWS XT81

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By Miro Stoichev

I will discuss the Lenovo Thinkplus Live Pods XT81, a brand of wireless headphones from TWS, in this review.

Lenovo thinkplus XT81 TWS Earphones Wireless Bluetooth

First impressions after using them

It was evident right away why these headphones were TWS (True Wireless Stereo) models after opening the package and pairing them with the Android tablet. They do produce very good surround stereo audio.

Without the handbook, you can figure out the connection. Furthermore, it is written only in Chinese and English. Translation will therefore be difficult for you.

The primary functions are intuitive, even though there are many more available. Lenovo XT81 headphones have a fast connection time to Android devices. It did not cause me any issues.

The outstanding plastic quality, exquisite design, and exceptional durability of the headphones and case impressed me right away. The gadget has all the features required for wireless headsets, even with its “budget” in mind. Even voice control is available. If you think Lenovo XT81 isn’t for you, you can read more about three other brands of wireless headphones in this article.

Regarding the Lenovo XT81’s ergonomics and design

The device’s look is one of the primary factors considered when selecting and assessing it. The Lenovo XT81 headphones have a typical design for these kinds of devices. The same glossy white plastic is used for both the body and the case.

Regarding the Lenovo XT81's ergonomics and design

The headphones have a circular form. In ergonomics, there is never an excess. In addition, the gadget has a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Fitting snugly into the ear are the ear cushions. And you have to work really hard at it if you want them to fly out. There aren’t any extra fasteners, though.

The case has rounded edges and is shaped like a square or rectangle. It has a rechargeable battery and an integrated charger with a USB Type-C connector. Straight from the case, the headphones are charged. They also feature charging connectors and a battery.

Technical details Lenovo XT81

Lenovo thinkplus XT81 TWS Earphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.3

The gadget is of the TWS variety and uses Bluetooth to send audio signals. There is a six-month warranty from the manufacturer. The device is produced in China. But Lenovo is a Chinese brand as well. But it’s been well-known and well-liked for a very long time worldwide.

Principal attributes

  • Bluetooth is a signal transmission method.
  • The in-channel design type.
  • Dynamic type transmitter.
  • A microphone that is fixed to the body is present.

Regarding appearance and style

The Lenovo XT81 headphones are composed of premium, extremely robust plastic. I own a white variant of it. At the time of purchase, there were none available. The ear cushions consist of silicone.

They seem a little rigid. This makes them more resilient. It is not very good in terms of comfort, though. They are uncomfortable to use at first. However, you quickly adjust to it.

There are no additions to the design. Nothing is mounted. Backlighting, sports features, and computer game functions are also included.

About the microphone’s acoustic properties and features

Lenovo XT81 are closed according to the type of acoustic design. The sound circuit has a standard 2.0 format. There is a single dynamic radiator on every headphone. Their diaphragm has a 13 mm diameter.

The frequency range that can be repeated is 20–20,000 Hz. A 32 ohm impedance is present. Additionally, the headphones have a sensitivity of roughly 90 dB.

A microphone is integrated into the body of the device. It is non-removable and fixed. Initial impressions indicate that the sound quality and recording quality are good. It is scarcely appropriate for professional sound recording, though.

Parameters of the power supply and connection

Through the case, the headphones are charged. Additionally, it is charged via the Type-C USB connector. The Bluetooth 5.1 version is supported by the device. SBC codecs as well. They don’t care about hardware. And offers mediocre audio quality.

Parameters of the power supply and connection

There is a 10-meter wireless range. Which is typical of Bluetooth gadgets. A single full charge of the Lenovo XT81 headphones can last up to four hours. A 40 mAh rechargeable battery is used by each.

You can use a charged case for up to thirty hours. Its battery has a 450 mAh capacity. It is not possible to charge the device wirelessly or quickly. It takes approximately 1.5 hours for the headphones to reach 100% charge. Additionally, the case takes about 2.5 hours.

A 5V and 450 mAh power consumption should be provided by the charger.

Functions of Control

There are touchscreen controls on the Lenovo XT81 headphones. A volume control is accessible. Voice control is an available option. Both the active noise cancellation system and transparent Talk Through mode are absent.

The voice control features include things like playing and pausing music, answering and ending calls, switching between tracks in the music library, and activating the voice assistant.

The Lenovo XT81 headphones can also be controlled by a smartphone. An LED status indicator is present.

Finalization and guidelines

The package contains the device itself, the case, documentation, and a USB charging cable. Additionally, two sets of detachable ear cushions are included. There is not a lot of information in the manual.

Regarding the benefits and drawbacks of the Lenovo XT81

It has been some time since the headphones were purchased. Furthermore, sharing impressions from their use is already possible. Describe the device’s benefits and drawbacks as well.


I had a really positive experience with wireless headphones. I have never used a wireless device of this type before. It also falls under the TWS category. Additionally, the sound quality is excellent.

Though not particularly inventive, the Lenovo XT81 headphones have a sleek, contemporary appearance. They appear sturdy and lovely. The same plastic is used to make the charging and storage case. It is user-friendly and long-lasting.

The bottom of the case contains the charging connector. Additionally, the device is simple to charge by plugging it into any device’s USB port, such as a laptop or desktop computer. It is not included, but if you have a power adapter, you can also charge from a wall outlet.

The microphone’s sound recording is also excellent. Even so, there are some drawbacks. I’ll discuss them in more detail later. Nonetheless, it is important to credit the benefits to the lack of noise during recording. They’re not picked up by the headphone microphone, in contrast to most inexpensive headsets. The sound is also very clear.

The drawbacks

There are drawbacks to the headphones. I would mention the overly stiff earpads to them. They feel more like plastic even though they are made of silicone. Additionally, you might experience ear pain when using them. But I adjusted to it rather quickly.

The microphone’s somewhat unrealistic and “deaf” sound is undoubtedly one of its drawbacks. Even though the sound is surround sound, the recording appears to be mono. However, this may just be my personal opinion.

While not a major drawback, the absence of a power adapter for charging is another. Along with the absence of several other features.

Linking Android devices to wireless headphones

Linking Android devices to wireless headphones

I linked the Lenovo XT81 to a brand-name Android tablet. The operating system that is installed on it is version 10. This procedure went off without a hitch.

Just turning on Bluetooth from the settings menu is sufficient. After that, attach the headphones. In the device list that is available, their name is listed. It might take a few seconds to connect.

The Lenovo XT81 can connect to Bluetooth devices and provides voice control for power on and off. Which greatly facilitates use. The touch buttons can be used to manually turn on the headphones. They’re close to the indicators that turn on and off.

The handbook contains more information about connecting and utilizing the control functions. To be honest, though, the information in it is pretty limited. Furthermore, the manual is written only in Chinese and English, as I previously mentioned.

An overview of the Lenovo XT81 wireless headphones

I had a really good impression of the device. Even though there were a few challenges. For instance, when you record the screen, apps don’t make any sound. Despite the fact that the microphone recording contains audio. I didn’t have this issue when I was using wired headphones. I’ll have to investigate the problem. The Lenovo XT81 left a good impression everywhere else. The sound is full and rich, and the microphone captures the sound flawlessly. The connection is quick, and the design is lovely. The case’s battery lasts for multiple recharges even though charging takes a long time.

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