SSA Global to OEM GlobeRanger’s iMotion Platform for RFID Solutions Development

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By Miro Stoichev

RICHARDSON, Texas Feb. 27, 2006– GlobeRanger, the leading provider of RFID, mobility and sensor-based software solutions, today announced a partnership with SSA Global(TM) (Nasdaq:SSAG), a leading global provider of extended enterprise solutions and services, to develop and deliver RFID applications based on GlobeRanger’s iMotion(TM) Edgeware(TM) platform.

SSA Global works with companies all over the world to implement their software solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP), corporate performance management,(CPM), customer relationship management (CRM), product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM) and warehouse management (WMS). This new RFID technology partnership with GlobeRanger will enable SSA Global to become a single source vendor for RFID software, services and hardware, providing industry and technology expertise.

GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform will provide SSA Global with a standards-based foundation to build RFID solutions for multiple industries such as consumer package goods, food & beverage, automotive, life sciences and others. Benefits of developing solutions on the iMotion platform include:

  • Continuously decrease development and deployment costs
  • Ability to quickly reconfiguration solution components such as device settings, network layout, data elements, edge processes flows
  • Delivery of reliable performance
  • Capabilities to easily incorporate different edge technologies with custom/legacy solutions

“By partnering with GlobeRanger, we can quickly ramp up our RFID product and service offerings for our key verticals,” stated Cory Eaves, chief technology officer, SSA Global. “Our customers will benefit from having a flexible and extensible solution for their edge infrastructure that will grow with their needs, not pilot-ware.”

“SSA Global has a deep product portfolio and strong implementation expertise. They are known for their enterprise business process expertise,” said Bob DiLoreto, vice president of business development for GlobeRanger. “We’re pleased that they have selected GlobeRanger as a partner to deliver their long-term, strategic vision to their customers.”

iMotion Edgeware Platform

iMotion provides a comprehensive platform for the rapid development, deployment and management of RFID, mobile and sensor-based applications. The latest release of the platform provides:

Support Gen 2 features such as the select command and access to extended data as well as the management of tag functionality such as memory locking, sessions management, password handling and tag killing. Device management functionality has been extended for Gen 2 readers.

Data management through Application Level Events (ALE) the Filtering and Collection specification established by EPCglobal.

Standards compliance for EPC and Department of Defense (DoD) specific encoding formats including EPCglobal Tag Data Standards 1.24 and 1.27.

Device emulation for Gen 2 readers and tags, empowering solution developers to emulate deployment scenarios with complete Gen 2 features for application testing and data integration.

About GlobeRanger

GlobeRanger is the leading provider of RFID, mobility and sensor-based software solutions. Its innovative Edgeware(TM) platform, iMotion(TM), provides the critical infrastructure layer for managing devices, networks, data and processes at the edge of the enterprise, enabling real-time response. iMotion serves as the foundation for GlobeRanger and its partners to rapidly develop, deploy and manage edge solutions. Founded in 1999, GlobeRanger is headquartered in Richardson, Texas.

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