How to Turn on Wireless Charging on a Samsung S21

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By Miro Stoichev

Among smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the most well-liked models. The ability to charge wirelessly is one of this model’s most intriguing features. By turning on wireless charging, this feature allows you to charge your smartphone without using a wire.

How to Turn on Wireless Charging on a Samsung S21

You must take a few easy steps in order to enable wireless charging on the Samsung S21. Prior to activating this feature, confirm that your smartphone is fully charged or has sufficient battery life. Next, locate the “Network and Connections” section in your device’s settings.

The “Charge and Battery” option is located inside the “Network and Connections” section. The “Wireless Charging” option is contained within this option. To make the feature active, click on it.

Keep in mind that the names of the menu items and settings may differ slightly based on the Samsung operating system version on your device.

You must buy a wireless charger that works with your smartphone after turning on wireless charging on your Samsung S21. Place your smartphone on the charger after you’ve plugged it into a power source. Without a wire needed, your Samsung S21 will begin charging automatically.

If you are wondering which wireless charger to choose, then this article is for you:

How to set the Samsung S21 up for wireless charging

Verify compatibility first

Check to see if your Samsung S21 supports wireless charging before turning it on. Wireless charging is available for Samsung S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra models; however, please ensure that the device you own belongs to this series.

Get your charger ready.

A charger that supports wireless charging is required in order to enable wireless charging on your Samsung S21. Ensure that the wireless charging pad or station you own is appropriate for your device.

Attach the power source.

Attach the charger to an electrical outlet. Verify that the gadget is plugged in to a power outlet or other source. Verify that the Samsung S21 device and the charger are situated close to one another.

Set the Samsung S21 down on the power supply.

Slide your device’s back onto the charging port. To enable wireless charging, make sure the back of your device is smooth so that the charging sensors can recognize it.

Await the completion of the charging process.

Hold off until the Samsung S21 is fully charged. At this point, the screen of your device might display a charging indicator or another notification regarding the charging process.

Be aware that the length of the charging process may differ based on your device’s battery condition.

You now know how to set up your Samsung S21 for wireless charging. Take advantage of wireless charging’s convenience and let wires and connectors worry you!

How to Turn On Fast Wireless Charging in Samsung Galaxy S21

First, ascertain compatibility

You must confirm that your Samsung S21 is compatible with wireless charging before turning on this feature. The S21 can usually be charged wirelessly; however, you must make sure that the material on the back of your smartphone is compatible with wireless charging.

Visit the Samsung website to see if your device is compatible with wireless charging. This is the simplest way to find out. You can find comprehensive details about the models that support wireless charging as well as instructions on how to use it on this website.

If the model of your smartphone does not support wireless charging, you can find out more about whether this feature can be added to your device by getting in touch with your service center or retailer.

Additionally, if your smartphone is capable of wireless charging, you must ensure that the charger you own satisfies safety and quality standards. Selecting the appropriate charger is crucial to prevent harm to your smartphone and health issues. Use of phony or uncertified chargers is not advised as they may harm both your health and your device.

Get the charger ready

Get the charger ready

Make sure you have the right charger ready before you turn on wireless charging for your Samsung S21. You will require a wireless charging cradle, which is not included with your smartphone and needs to be bought separately.

Select the appropriate crib

The market is filled with a wide variety of wireless charging cradles. You should consider which one is compatible with your phone when making your selection. A lot of manufacturers make stands especially made for Samsung electronics.

Keep design and functionality in mind

Consider the stand’s additional features and design in addition to compatibility. A built-in fan on certain models helps to lower heat and speed up charging. Additionally, you can select a stand based on your preferred style or interior design scheme.

Verify the features you require

Verify the charging cradle’s specifications before making a purchase. Verify that it is compatible with Qi wireless charging, as the Samsung S21 uses this technology. Additionally, make sure the charging power is adequate to swiftly and efficiently charge your device.

Attach the pad for charging.

You must connect the charging pad to both your Samsung S21 and the power source in order to enable wireless charging. The power adapter, power cable, and charging pad are required.

1. Attach the power cable’s one end to the charging pad.

2. Attach the power adapter to the other end of the power cable.

3. Insert the power adapter into an electrical socket.

4. Make sure the charging pad’s LED, which shows whether the pad is connected to a power source, is lit.

5. Set your Samsung S21 on the charging pad with its back facing down.

6. Verify that your gadget remains stationary in the middle of the charging pad.

Your Samsung S21 can now be charged wirelessly. Your device might take some time to fully charge, so it’s best to leave it on the charging pad until it does.

Adjust the charging parameters

After turning on wireless charging for your Samsung S21, you must adjust the settings to get the most out of the feature.

Adjust the charging parameters

Verify the battery level

Make sure your device has enough charge to support wireless charging before you begin. To get the best possible charge level, you might need to connect to a charger.

Set up your gadget on the pad for charging.

Ensure that the back of the Samsung S21 fits firmly against the charging pad before placing it on it. Verify that the charger is correctly positioned and connected to a power source.

Modify the charging configuration

Navigate to the Battery section of the Settings menu on your Samsung S21 to adjust the charging settings. All of the wireless charging options are located in this section. For instance, you can adjust the charging time and enable or disable beeps while charging is connected.

Observe how the charging is going

After setting up the wireless charging configuration, you can keep an eye on the charging progress on the device’s screen. Keep an eye out for notifications regarding the current charging status or the charging indicator. Examine the charger connection and your device’s charging settings if there are issues or if charging is not happening.

Position your phone to charge

Your Samsung S21 must be positioned on the charging pad after you have enabled wireless charging.

Make sure the charging pad is turned on and plugged into a power source first. Next, locate your phone’s location so that it is in line with the charging pad.

It should be noted that certain charging pads support simultaneous charging of several devices. If so, please ensure that your Samsung S21 is placed on an appropriate charging pad.

It is recommended to position your dedicated wireless charging base horizontally on the charging pad if you are using one. Observe the installation and usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer for the base. To ensure that the corresponding contacts on the phone and the mat are connected, place the phone in the center of the mat if it is a wireless charging mat.

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