How Does iPhone XR Wireless Charging Operate?

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By Miro Stoichev

Only the most recent iPhone generation has wireless charging support. It was introduced alongside the iPhone XR, 8, and 8 Plus. How does wireless charging operate, though? Which smartphone station should you purchase? And can older iPhones be made to work with wireless charging? I’ll now fill you in on everything.

How is wireless charging accomplished?

How is wireless charging accomplished

Its operation is based on an extremely basic principle: electromagnetic induction. An electromagnetic field is created between specially placed wire coils in the device-transmitter (actually, the wireless charger itself) and the device-receiver (phone), allowing energy transfer over short distances (up to 1 or 2 centimeters, no more).

Normal energy transfer requires a glass or plastic case. This is the reason why the most recent iPhones have glass backs. To the delight of service centers and the misery of their owners.

Immediately after, a valid query. Is it feasible to use wireless charging to charge a smartphone without taking off the cover? You can, indeed. Though slightly warmer, it won’t be too much. The energy would peacefully flow from the transmitter to the receiver, and that is the most important requirement. It should not be made of metal.

I’m not sure which wireless charger to get

I'm not sure which wireless charger to get

You can purchase any wireless charger because they all operate on the same basic principle. The most important requirement is that it should support Qi, which is the most widely used wireless power transfer protocol.

I purchased a Belkin Boost Up wireless charger for my iPhone XR, it cost me 65 euros. Nevertheless, paying even 65 euros for something so basic is completely absurd.

Even though I’m happy with my Belkin, I still advise getting something more straightforward. You will save money without overpaying for the brand while still receiving the exact same output. Should Belkin be regarded as a brand at all?

Top 5 Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XR

The best option is to order a wireless charger from Gearbest or Aliexpress in China. There is an enormous selection of docking stations to choose from. There are also a lot of options because Chinese designers and form factors tend to be bolder.

By the way, Apple promised to release AirPower, its exclusive wireless charging technology, this year. It enables you to charge multiple devices at once, such as the Apple Watch smart watch, the AirPods headphones case, and the smartphone itself. Ordering individual wireless chargers from China for each device is a more convenient option that can still result in significant cost savings.

How can an older iPhone and a wireless charger become friends?

How can an older iPhone and a wireless charger become friends

For instance, Samsung devices—beginning with the Galaxy S6 generation—support wireless charging. They don’t present any issues. However, iPhones only discovered this method of recharging last year. This does not, however, imply that we cannot use older devices. Despite the metal cases they have.

A unique plate that fits neatly under any smartphone case and plugs into the Lightning port of smartphones is now available for purchase in China. That is all! The gadget can now be charged using a wireless dock, just like the iPhone XR. I provided more information about this device in my review, including which iPhone models it is compatible with and where to purchase it.

Is it practical?

Is it practical

Sure, in general. There is one small drawback, though: the wireless charging method’s speed could be much faster. The device can be recharged for at least three hours from a docking station if it charges, for instance, in two hours. You won’t be able to give up your smartphone once you become accustomed to keeping it in the same spot at home—on the wireless station. Yes, you will need self-control during the first few days, but after that, we’ll always have a smartphone that is fully charged on hand. That is the allure. It’s affordable and convenient.

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